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Facial Plastic Surgery

  • Filler..

    Full lips are a sign of youth and health, but not all of us are blessed with Angelina Jolie's genes. Fortunate..

  • Botox..

    Botulunium toxin A injection, a simple, safe and painless procedure used to reduce fine lines, especially on t..

  • Platelet Rich Plasma..

    Our blood contains tiny colourless disc-shaped cell fragments called platelets, the components mainly responsi..

  • Mesotherapy..

    Mesotherapy, where subcutaneous microinjections are delivered with extremely fine needles, has a myriad of ben..

  • Fat Injection..

    Fat injections can be considered an ideal dermal filler, because they provide safe, natural, and permanent res..

  • Eyelid Surgery..

    Beautiful eyes do not only depend on color, size, or shape, they also depends on the eyelids surrounding them...

  • Neck Tightening..

    Ageing begins from the day we're born. While gravity takes its toll on our skin, cigarette use, sunlight, stre..

  • Forehead Lift..

    A forehead lift is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia to correct sagging of the forehead..

  • Face Lift..

    Although the face lift surgery does not have a certain limit age, it is performed on patients over 40 years of..

  • Chinese Needles..

    Chinese medicine is a preventative and therapeutic method concerned with balancing the body and treating the i..

  • Modern Cupping Therapy..

    Cupping therapy is a contemporary method that has a number of benefits to the body. Using cupping give the bod..

  • Rhinoplasty..

    Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed nasal plastic surgery operations, because the nose is the ..

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